About Us

On behalf of the faculty, staff and administration I welcome you and your child to Somerset Academy Village. Your child is entering a specially prepared environment that is warm, secure, and challenging; a place in which to grow socially, physically, and creatively. This will be a great year at Somerset Academy Village. Our staff is outstanding and as a “Village”, parents and teachers will work together to provide a wonderful education for our terrific students.

We know that children learn in different ways and at different rates, so we provide experiences that take these differences into consideration. We encourage a love of learning and of self. Young children question the obvious and see mystery in the commonplace. We know that remarks of children have meaning and reveal modes of reasoning and judgment based upon their developmental abilities. Our classrooms are places for thinking activities and the emphasis is on the child as “thinker-in-action” where he or she is encouraged to be an active participant in the learning process. We guide the students to seek out, select and deal with objects and happenings in our exciting school environment.

Philosophy of Somerset Academy Village

The word philosophy is a very grown up word. It has to do with what we believe, and how those beliefs influence what we do and how we act. All of us at Somerset Academy Village work so well together because we share the same philosophy, the same beliefs, about what our school should be like.

• We believe that teaching and learning is very serious business, but it should be exciting and fun.

• We believe that along with reading, writing, and mathematics you should learn many other things, such as art, science, and social sciences.

• We feel that you should begin to learn about yourself as a person about how terrific and special you are, and can be.

• We believe you must learn to get along with people of all ages and all backgrounds; you must learn to respect others and to earn the respect of others.

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