What is the history of Somerset Accreditation?
Somerset Neighborhood School was one of the first Charter schools in  Florida to receive SACS Accreditation which validated our philosophy of  continuing to upgrade our rigorous curriculum, setting high expectations for all  stakeholders, and striving to prepare our students to become 21st century  learners. Thereafter, every Somerset School that opened followed and was awarded  accreditation. In 2008, Somerset Academy Inc, was the first charter school  system to receive District Accreditation from AdvancED Sacs Casi and is now  preparing to renew the process of continuing to hold to high expectations in all  our schools by going for re-accreditation.
What is accreditation?
  •  Voluntary method of quality assurance
  •  Developed more than 100 years ago by American schools and universities
  •  Goal evaluate, verify and improve the schools’ quality
Why did Somerset Academy apply for accreditation?
  •  Dedication to standards-based approach to quality and continuous  improvement
  •  High School students to graduate from an institution that has reached the  highest goals possible
  •  Demonstrate that Somerset schools belief in student accountability, teacher expectations, learning outcomes, differentiated instruction, and technology
How does the school maintain accreditation status?
  •  Examines organizational effectiveness
  •  Analyzes student performance throughout the year
  •  Engages stakeholders
  •  Promotes collective understanding of best practices, processes and impact
  •  Provides evidence to inform and guide improvement
What are the Standards for Quality Learning Schools?
  •  Teaching and Accessing for Learning
  •  Purpose and Direction
  •  Governance and Leadership
  •  Resources and Support Systems
  •  Using Results for Continuous Improvement
What is the role of the External Review Team when they visit the Somerset  Schools in order to receive re-accreditation status for Somerset Academy  Inc.?
  •  Examine standards and indicators
  •  Perform classroom observations to focus on learner and learning  environment
  •  Evaluate the evidence
  •  Dialogue with stakeholders
  •  Conclude with a summary of findings
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