Athletics Mission Statement

Somerset Academy Village is committed to excellence in athletics as part of a larger commitment to excellence and education. The guiding principle behind our participation in athletics is our belief in its educational value for our students.  Athletics promotes character traits of high value to personal development and success in later life. These include the drive to take one’s talents to the highest level of performance; embracing the discipline needed to reach high standards; learning to work with others as a team in pursuit of a common goal; and adherence to codes of fairness and respect.  Athletics also plays an important role in creating a sense of community in the school.

Somerset Village’s mission defines expectations both on the field and off.  In the name of excellence, we aim for a level of athletic performance that will frequently produce winning seasons and the realistic opportunity to compete for championships.  Our mission also requires that our athletes be students first, that they be allowed to participate with careful attention to their academic record and motivation, as well as their behavior both on the field and in the classroom.

Athletic participation helps our students grow, learn, and enjoy themselves while they use and develop their personal, physical, and intellectual skills. Somerset Village values the lessons that have long been taught by athletic participation: the pursuit of excellence through personal development and teamwork, ethical and responsible behavior on the field and off, adherence to the spirit of rules, leadership and strength of character, and sportsmanship – respect for one’s opponents, acceptance of victory with humility, and acknowledgement of defeat with grace. In teaching these lessons to its students, Somerset Village instills habits which will lead students to better and healthier lives. While winning is not an end in itself, we believe that the efforts by our athletes to be their best will lead them to succeed throughout their lives.

Athletic Director: JuaQuanda Ross

Volleyball Coach: Coach Stewart

Flag Football Coach: Coach Stewart

Soccer Coaches: Miguel Matthie

Basketball Coach: Coach Stewart

Lady Gators Cheerleading Coaches: JuaQuanda Ross

Gator Girls Peewee Chearleading Coaches: Ashley Tokan

Track and Field Coaches:



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