Principal’s Message

Here at Somerset Academy Village, our goal is to ensure that all students are provided with the necessary tools to rise above and beyond.  With the continued dedication of teachers, efforts of students, cooperation of parents, and the support of the community, everyone will succeed!

In the life of the school, each year is special. This year is certainly no exception. We are so very proud to be a part of this fabulous learning community where faculty, staff, parents, and community members work together to provide our students with authentic, challenging, and collaborative educational experiences.  We aspire to ensure all students strive to achieve their personal best, both academically and socially.

Sometimes a school is seen just as a place where students learn and teacher teach. However, a true education is much more. By working together and striving for excellence, we not only want our students to achieve their full potential academically, but we also want to truly educate our students in a way that will make them well-rounded human beings equipped for their future.

We have been humbled by the skills of the staff and enthusiasm of the youth. For this, we thank you all! We are truly excited for Somerset Village’s continued growth and success.

Ms. Boiteux

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